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YEAH @alexjon_1 KILLING IT ON THE BIG SCREEN!!! Okay, I’m way behind, but @mariapazalegre and I just enjoyed the hell out of #MazeRunner, and I suggest you all do the same. #MyFriendsAreCoolerThanMe
Oh what secrets these once held. A small glimpse into what I’ve spent the past few days doing. #ThisIsReading #NoFilter
There’s something beautiful in the marriage of hip-hop and punk rock that I’m continuously trying to find. Daryl and the Automator found it on this record, and I want to some day find it again.
Another day at the office. Working with the stupidly talented Florencia Lozano and Max Casella today. Gotta keep busy somehow, you know?
Riding the tracks to opening. Night of @sirmumsila’s killer fucking show #ASuckerEmcee. Better living through modern trains. Gym Class in the ears, listening to the hip hop album that saved my life years ago. Now, I’ve got a pretty fucking great one. #nobodycaresgoharder
So my girl, the insanely talented @paolaelisa, is making her off Broadway debut at Cherry Lane. So pumped. Glad to see the poster up at the theater.
Blast from my past. Firsts thing in the @labyrinththeater office is loading six road cases of sound gear for @sirmumsila’s A Sucker Emcee! #riseandgrind
I’m out front. @theaterspeak has out me in the window of Drama Book Shop. But seriously, does anyone want to bring me coffee? I’ll name a character after you.



And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why I fuck with Adventure Time.

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Delivery Drop! @johnnycupcakes is in NYC and parked right outside of my apartment! Check them out at the convention tomorrow, as I’ll be in rehearsals with my heroes. Pleasure meeting you man.
That’s right. Billy Shakespeare knows what’s up. You should follow me pm twitter too. @thatdobson #bardknowsbest #thisisnetworkingright?
Time to go to work. #nobodycaresgoharder

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